Matchmaking platform for people with disabilities to make friends and find love.

Discover and meet new people online everyday! Register for free, create your profile and add your medical information to find like-minded singles.


Made to be very secure for all users to protect privacy and keep away spammers and fake profiles. We curate profile, there is a review process, mobile verification and in-chat feature so you don’t have to disclose personal contact details.


Don't want to send request yet? Show you are interested in their profile and if they are interested in you too, go ahead send request to ensure higher chances of getting matched.


Inclov is fully accessible to people with visual impairment through screen reader and talkback. Inclov Lite is Inclov's text-focused version of the app for visually challenged people to make the platform more inclusive.


Inclov lets you find a match on the basis of age, location, lifestyle, disability type, medication and cure availability. You can view all your connections and requests sent in one place.


Inclov allows conversation with connected users via the in-app chat feature so that you don’t have to share emails & phone numbers with strangers.

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