“I feel proud to say that I am the second Indian with cerebral palsy to write an English autobiography and the first to do so in Tamil! My autobiography “CP to CP “: Cerebral Palsy and Counselling Psychologist! chronicles the journey of a differently-abled person. After being denied the chance to study in a normal school, to becoming fluent in five languages, and becoming a counselling psychologist; I have managed to make a mark in life but changing the societal perceptions about differently-abled people remains my dream.”

In conversation with Inclov, Kumaran talks about the societal discrimination towards people with disabilities, his autobiography, and his dream of seeing a fully-accessible India for people from all communities.

“A premature birth rendered me in the condition that I will face for the rest of my life. But, the pain of being denied the chance to study in a normal school when I was about to enter 6th grade still lingers. Eventually, with the support of my family and friends, I completed my bachelors’ and Ph.D degree in Psychology.

The treatment meted out to the differently-abled people in the Indian society is painful to witness but even worse to experience yourself! The indifference and the neglect shown to them bothers me. I am frustrated by the way people with disabilities are treated and wanted to make a difference. And thus, I wrote my story in my book titled “Aanandha Thaandavam (Cosmic Dance/Dance of Joy) or “CP to CP “: Cerebral Palsy and Counselling Psychologist!

I am immensely passionate about languages and have acquired the skills to converse in French, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English languages. Moreover, I’m all set to release my first poetry collection titled “Raja Nadai” (King’s March) later this year! I truly feel disability is not a state of the body, it’s a state of the mind. My physical limitations do not affect my writing, but it restricts my social life and the ability to lead a ‘normal’ life as people either become sympathetic or confused around someone like me.

To become an inclusive society,  everyone should be willing to make friends with differently-abled fellow citizens. It may be a teacher-student relationship, a friendship or even romantic relationship. I dream of seeing India as a fully-accessible and inclusive nation where people love and respect each other irrespective of any discrimination. “It’s a matter of human rights more than just disability rights.”

Kumaran faces Cerebral palsy. But, that doesn’t define or deter her. He is different, yet the same as everyone else around him. 

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