Disabled people in India have a hard time because of limited public facilities. Things are changing but at a rather slow pace, leaving people with disabilities worried. In conversation with Inclov, Ankur, who faces a spinal cord injury talks about his motivations, his dreams and the special achievement that makes him proud everyday!

Life of disabled people in India is full of challenges

Challenging and not merely difficult – the story of my life so far. My journey has not been easy and I have a latent angst against the society and people around me. For the first 20 years of my life, I was home-bound because of my disability. Relentless hard work, persistence and the will to prove myself has made me the man I am today. I have worked hard for about 20 years to become a self-employed person and I proudly say that I am a business owner today. Without much support from the society, I had to struggle; yet I kept learning from the difficulties and have managed to turnaround my fortunes.

At times, motivation is hard to find but all it takes is one glance at all the people suffering around me. I feel motivated by observing the differently-abled people around me; especially with disabilities far intense than mine. It’s a struggle for survival everyday for them, and yet they bear it with smile on their faces. Watching them and their families, my disability feels nothing; and I feel there is no need to crib about it.

Families play a crucial role in the lives of disabled people in India

Family has played a crucial role in my life and continues to inspire me to achieve my dreams. The fact that I am a self-made person, running my own business provides a sense of achievement and helps me sleep well at night! It was not  easy at all; the support I expected from the society was not forthcoming and people were generally not very optimistic. My family has been very supportive in general and I thankful to them for this.

Dreams of a differently-abled person in India – No other than the others!

I remember taking my wheelchair up the mountains of Dharamshala and never giving up or taking assistance from anyone -that feeling, the sense of achievement is difficult to explain in words.”

The solitude of the mountains are my calling. I want to pitch a tent in the wilderness and stay there forever. While visiting the beautiful city of Dharamshala a while back, I fell in love with the mountains and ever since have a desire to explore them across India. I remember taking my wheelchair up the mountains and never giving up or taking assistance from anyone -that feeling, the sense of achievement is difficult to explain in words.

Next, I want to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands and explore the amazing sights of the underwater world. Travelling across India, and experiencing the magnificent diversity of our villages is high on my priority list and to top it all, bungee jumping is something I wish I could do someday!

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