Online chatting is extremely different from meeting someone offline as plenty of factors need to be taken into account! People may still be the same but there are certain etiquette that needs to be followed while chatting with a person. There is no rule book or guide to tell you what you should do with someone you met online on a dating site or on social media. But, these online chatting tips for disabled people would increase your chances of a successful conversation with your match.

The words flew out of your fingers before your brain could process their potential impact. A casual joke, a snide remark, a constructive criticism or any other utterance could prove to be the deathbed of your chances to find a date or a life partner online! There’s no rewind button to help you edit out blunders. So, what to do next! With the help of inclusive matchmaking apps like Inclov, everyone can simply register for free and find a match for themselves. But, finding a match is not the final solution, how do you know them better?

Picture this! After you have registered yourself on the Inclov app and are now excited to make new friends and possibly even finding a date, love or a future life partner, reality sinks in! A chat notification pops up in your app window and you are in a soup as to how to respond! Sometimes, the first conversation can either set you up for a lovely relationship or could end up being your last interaction with the people. Thus, it is of paramount importance to know how to chat online in a safe and secure manner without risking your chances with your newly found match!

Online Chatting Tips For Disabled People  – What You Should Do?

Keep the conversation light and casual

Try to keep your conversations around common interest areas preferably. Share love for dogs? Talk about that. Keep your chats light-hearted, slip in a couple of jokes and try to know more about the other person before unleashing your life story on them. Make sure the conversation flows both ways and isn’t restricted to just emojis, gifs and memes!

Stay open minded to everyone

If you come across somebody who is not looking for the same thing as you, be open to that! Everyone has a different intention and that needs to be understood. Someone may be looking for companion or just somebody to talk to, be polite to them.  It never hurts to make a new friend.

Go with your gut feeling

Believe in your gut feeling and always have confidence in yourself. Your body has different ways sending hints about someone to you. Connect with them and trust your gut feelings about them! If your gut is telling you that your match isn’t right and you shouldn’t talk to him anymore despite all the good qualities, believe it!

Honesty is the best policy

Be honest while talking to your match and tell them beforehand what you’re looking for, whether it’s companionship or a serious relationship. This will help get any unwanted confusion out of the way. Be realistic while talking to them. Don’t make up lies that could lead you directly into a lie web that you can’t escape from.

Be consistent with your replies

 Don’t take too long to reply to messages. This might indicate your disinterest to your match or he/she might lose interest. Be speedy with your replies and use sentences rather than one word replies. Ask questions and keep the conversation going if you seem to be hitting it off with your match.


Online Chatting Tips For Disabled People – What You Shouldn’t Do? 

Never share your personal information

Sharing personal information about yourself is something that’s a big NO! Always refrain from sharing sensitive information on social media or in chat rooms that can be used by someone with malicious intentions.

Don’t click on download links

If your match sends you a link directing you to a movie or game or anything, DON’T OPEN IT! It could be a virus or a way to hack your device to steal information.

Stay safe and block unwanted people

One of the most important online chatting tips for disabled people is to give your physical and emotional safety paramount importance. If you feel that your match is making you uncomfortable, click on the block button (Use Block User/Report button) instantly. Don’t hesitate to discontinue your conversation if you’re disinterested at any point.

Don’t send any inappropriate photographs

Never share your photographs with anyone you have just met online. If your match is asking for your photos regularly, notice that as a big red flag and say ‘NO’ immediately!

Offline meeting with your match

If after talking for a long time and connecting to your match, you are still unsure about meeting them offline, don’t hesitate to say no. It’s okay to not be ready to meet your match offline when they want to! Communicate your concerns with them over chat and let them know why and when you would prefer to do so!

Do you agree with the tips? How do you handle online chatting with a match found on any matchmaking app?

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