Inclov mobile applications (android and iOS) have rapidly grown in popularity to become the one-stop inclusive destination for people with and without disabilities to intermingle and know each other better for either friendship, dating or marriage. With the launch of Inclov Web, the matchmaking experience for people with disabilities is all set to transcend beyond the mobile screens and enter seamlessly into the world of your computers and laptops. Inclov Web is designed in a manner to load quickly, even on slow internet speeds, send relevant push notifications, can be easily accessed and provides a top-level, full screen experience. Moreover, all your connections and chats can now be viewed in one single window.

What is Inclov Web? What are the benefits of using Inclov Lite? How does it make talking to your shortlisted matches easier?  Tips for finding the best, probable matches for yourself? What are the advantages of using Inclov Hindi?

We will begin with the step-by-step flow of registering or logging in the Inclov Web application.

  • Web App Flow

Step 1 – Signing in or Logging into Inclov Web 

You can start by typing in Inclov Web on Google and clicking on the first link in the results (or any other search engines) or you can directly type in Once you are on the login page, you can proceed in either of the two ways i) login through your email id or, ii) you can also directly login through your Facebook account (please note that we do not post anything on Facebook without your permission).

Step 2 – Update Your Profile Information

If you are signing in on Inclov Web app for the very first time, after entering your email id and password, you will be required to provide your complete profile information and complete the onboarding process. It is necessary that you complete your profile by providing accurate and detailed profile information. This is a very crucial step which will help in finding better and more suitable matches for you.

Step 3 – Discover People and View Profiles

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the home screen of the Web App. The magic begins here! You can check out all the new profiles on this page here, view their details, show interest in them or send them request to connect. Everyday you will be able to view five new profiles shortlisted especially based on your partner preferences.

Step 4 – Show Interest/Send Connection Request

If you are interested in any profile, you can directly show Interest in their profile. If you want to start chat with someone, you can also send them connection request directly. Once the concerned person accepts your profile request, it’s a match and you can start chatting!

 Step 5 – Start Chatting and Find Your Life Partner

Once you have formed connections with a profile on the app, you can start chatting with them instantly and know them better for either friendship, dating or marriage.

In the Inclov Web app, we have introduced a new chat feature wherein you can check all the chats with your matches at one place. This feature will enable you to monitor all your chats seamlessly without having to switch between multiple screens.

 If you are a new user and are signing up for the first time on the Inclov app, you will go through the following steps before you can start discovery on the Home page.

Sign Up Flow

  • Sign Up through Email or Facebook – Start by signing up through our email id and password.
  • Provide complete profile information – Provide your Full Name, DOB, Profile Photo, Location, Purpose of Joining the App, Disability, Disability %, Independence Level. These steps are called the Onboarding Process for the app. Providing accurate, detailed information during this process helps in finding better and suitable matches for you.
  • Verify email address – Thereafter, you will be required to verify your email address through OTP sent by email to the registered email id.
  • Verify mobile number – You will also be required to verify your phone number through OTP sent to your registered phone number.
  • Discover People – Now, you can start discovering new profiles and matching with them on the Inclov app.

Please note that your profile will be reviewed within 48 hours and only after it gets approved, you will be able to connect to any user. The review process is essential to ensure only real profiles and to keep away any spammers and fake users.

A pro tip: To get your profile approved quickly, provide only  accurate data including real names, photographs, mobile numbers and email id, which gets verified automatically.

Book tickets directly for Social Spaces meet ups

For the very first time, you can now directly book tickets for the next Social Spaces event by clicking on the tab in the Inclov Web App. All you need to do is click on the Social Spaces box and you will be redirected to our ticket booking platform;

Register for Inclov Select personal matchmaking  service

Another new feature is the ability to directly register for Inclov Select – Inclov’s premier matchmaking service. You can sign up and get a dedicated assistant to help you find your perfect life partner.

Share Inclov with your friends

You can also invite your friends to use the Inclov Web app directly through the Settings tab on the page. Click directly on the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus by clicking on the icons in the Share Inclov section of the Settings page.

Multiple logins in different devices at the same time

Now, you can login on the Inclov app on your mobile devices (android or iOS) and also on the Incloc web app at the same time. You can easily switch between the devices and can also click on the ‘Logout from all other devices’ button to log out from other devices easily.

Inclov Lite – Text friendly, accessible version of app for people with low vision and blindness (Access it directly from Login Page)

You can switch to the lite, accessible version of the Inclov Web app directly from the login page. All you need to do is to click on the Switch to Accessible Version button and you will be directed to the text-friendly version of the app which has been created especially for people with low vision or visual impairment.

Inclov Hindi: Chat in Hindi and Punjabi languages

Inclov Web resolves the language constraints for our users. If you want to access the app in Hindi or Punjabi languages, you can do it on the Inclov Web app. You can change your language preferences on the login or the settings page of the app and continue your conversations and chats in your selected languages.

You can also login on your mobile web browser and check out the Inclov Web app instantly.

Check out the Inclov Web at and share your feedback with us at

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