“A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.” – Fargo (1996)

You know how your heart beats faster when you are trying something scary? Something important and something big? That’s how I feel as I write this to you all Inclovers today.

Someone told me, “when it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump. Otherwise, you end up staying in the same place your whole life”

I took that jump in 2014 and life has been different, for good. Last four years went by in a heartbeat due to all the love, support and affection you all have shown to the work and change Inclov is trying to bring in this system.

When I held a vision that finding love can integrate a person with disability back to mainstream automatically, it was just an idea.

After 35,000 community members and 12,000 unique connections with two weddings this weekend (where one partner of the couples is so called ‘abled-bodied), I can say safely say our thoughts have the power to alter a reality around us.

I was hungry kid. I always wanted to do more, feel excited all the time and that thrill has led to various discoveries and innovations at Inclov. I also end up attracting people who are equally excited about life, if not more. Needless to say, that hunger has only grown.

Enabling independent living for the ones who live and do things differently, for the ones who didn’t get the same opportunities (education, job and social living) is what drives me to office every morning.

I am hungry and excited to see this community grow, evolve and empower each other through support and affection. We are 35K members today but I reach out to each of you to help Inclov become a community of 3.5 lac members by 2018 and believe me, that is the tip of an iceberg in a country with 195 million people with disability.

With this, allow me to introduce Inclov Beats!

Inclov is launching a community growth program enabled through Inclov Beats which is our in-app credit wallet.

You will be given a unique referral code on Inclov app. Share your referral code with your friends and once they sign up, you and your friend can earn upto 20 beats for every sign up! You can share this code through Whatsapp, SMS, email or through social media. If you don’t have an invite, use my referral code <kaly18> to sign up!

For every referee who joins Inclov, we will provide the referee and the referrer with 5 beats. You get another bonus 15 beats if the person who joins is a female. Being a female founder of Inclov, this is to encourage women with disability to go beyond society’s social inhibition and empower themselves to find their own life partner. For every user that verifies their mobile number and email using OTP gets another 10 beats each (total 20 beats). Without mobile number verification, you cannot use the platform which is is our effort in making the platform safe for all our community members.

Soon we will be launching some premium features like personalized search, discover recommended profiles, verification badge which one can unlock by using the Beats earned through this program. The more beats you have, the better access you have to your closest match!

Lastly, there is a leaderboard to congratulate all the top contributors of Inclov community with some added incentives including free beats!

Looks great?! Expecting a cherry on the cake?

7 Day Match Guaranteed: We don’t want to keep our members waiting for a response. You will now have 7 days to accept/respond to any connection request sent by Inclov members. If the request is unresponded to, you may lose the chance to connect with them.  Get off the fence and give every Inclov user a chance, you never know who may steal your heart!

With this, I believe that family isn’t a word. It’s a sentence. I invite you all to play your role and do your bit in growing the community using Inclov Beats.

Write to me with your feedback and review on kalyani@inclov.com. Try Inclov using my referral code <kaly18> on Web | Android | iOS.

If you want to see our video tutorial, it is available below:

Kindly note: For both of you to earn these credits, the referee has to have his/her profile completed and approved by Inclov i.e become a part of the Inclov community on the app. This is to ensure quality and safety of the community which has been our primary focus while driving growth.

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Kalyani Khona

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