Online dating is one of the most common ways of meeting someone and beginning a relationship. As somebody who has struggled a lot with love; finding love online was something I had never expected. I met somebody who not only understood my needs but also accepted them. The struggles endured while online dating for disabled people is difficult to comprehend for others. They shouldn’t have to deal with the worries of finding the right partner as well. However, many people still believe that finding a stable relationship online is next to impossible and even if they do believe that is possible, the question of how to approach it arises. This question can be answered simply with the help of a few tips to follow while considering online dating for disabled people.

Online Dating For Disabled People – The Do’s and Don’ts from Relationship Experts

Ready yourself for love

Being differently-abled, it is crucial to identify your own needs and accept them before letting somebody in. You can’t expect somebody to come and adhere to your needs until you have understood them yourself. It’s essential to open yourself to the idea of meeting new people, having new experiences and trying new things. Don’t let experiences of your past hinder the possibility of finding love, again.

Be honest with yourself

Always be honest and open about your own about yourself in general and your disabilities in particular. It is crucial for the other person to know exactly what is getting into and that also increases the chances of finding the right person for you. For example, if you are hearing-impaired, be honest about it. Somebody who also has the same disability might approach you because they may feel that they could connect to you better.

Online safety is paramount

With a lot of scrupulous people surfing online and new crime trends like catfishing and kittenfishing surfing the net, it is very crucial to be safe and cautious. Never share your personal info like home address, private medical details, mobile number, credit card info, etc. with someone you have met online. Dating for women with disability in India is fraught with a lot of risks, misconceptions and woeful perceptions. Start by chatting with the person online and get to know them through social media info and through emails. Be patient, before taking the plunge!

Be realistic with your needs

Always be honest about what it is that you are looking for and what you don’t want in a new relationship. You don’t have to reply to a person if you’re not interested and it’s always okay to say no to somebody. It’s crucial to be realistic about what you’re looking for in your partner. You should be willing to understand, comprehend and be compassionate about the needs of the other person as well. 

Compatibility is paramount

To be compatible with your match is the most crucial tip, according to relationship experts on online dating for disabled people. Always check their online profiles thoroughly and feel free to ask questions to check your compatibility with them. Don’t judge someone by just how they look, instead focus on their nature, too. For example, you might come across a man who fits the bill of being the classic handsome dude – good looking, tall, and charming but after getting to know him you might realize that you don’t get along well emotionally and spiritually. That can be a bummer!

Go with your gut

Always listen to your intuition and honor your gut feeling about the situation or person. You might not always get a good feeling at the start but take a leap of faith and give it a try if you feel comfortable. I personally didn’t get a good feeling about someone I met online, but I decided to give it a try and it all worked out well in the end.

Be calm and patient

One of the top tips for online dating for disabled people is to be calm and not get disappointed or infuriated easily. You may not find your first match instantly but don’t lose hope. The right one is there for you and sooner or later, you’ll find him. You will have to go through many profiles before you find the best one for you. Stay positive and keep trying! I had to go through many really bad and okay-ish experiences before finding the correct person for me.

Get to know them

After coming across the perfect match for you, get to know them both spiritually and emotionally. Learn about their needs and disabilities, the struggles they went through or are going through and make it a two-way train, and share about yourself, too. Don’t shy away and talk about things as much as possible. Communicate and understand. Empathize and connect.

Take it offline

After getting to know them, if you feel right and great about him, take it offline. Go on a small date. Maybe something like evening coffee or a stroll in the park, whatever suits both of you. There might be great chemistry online but it’s crucial to have amazing chemistry offline, as well. Sooner or later you will have to take the relationship offline, so don’t delay it unnecessarily.

Yes, No, Maybe?

Many studies have proven that the first 20 minutes of the date are whether there is chemistry or not but if you’re still unsure, it’s up to you to give it another shot and maybe go on another date with him or not. It’s okay to be unsure and it’s perfectly fine to not want continue in a relationship as well.

Try again and again… 

If compatibility and chemistry is missing, don’t be afraid to try again and again. Go back and update your profile, maybe make some changes as to what it is you exactly want and surf some more. Keep trying and don’t lose hope till you find the right match. The lucky one is somewhere out there and maybe even he is going through experiences just like you, trying to get to you!

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