You’ve met your match online, liked their profile, and are all excited about chatting and conversing with them. Super excited, infact! A question pops up in your mind; how do I begin the conversation? What should I write? And all that adrenaline rushes starts to fizzle away. Should I pull out the big movie dialogues, or should I scan Google for the oh-so cringy romantic quotes? Doubts start creeping in your head now. Will I creep him/her out by a cheesy pick-up line? Should I use the fancy hey dude! what’s up? lingo, or keep it calm and classy, and ask Can you give me directions…to your heart? ReallyFret not, for we have compiled the best online dating message tips.

Creating an online dating profile could be a fun, breezy affair but starting the conversation could become an arduous task. Read through and arm yourself with these tips and ace your next online dating conversation. 

Online Dating Message Tips – Opening Line 

Expert Tip: Instead of starting with a cheesy, overused pick-up line, use an opening line.

Online Dating Message Tips – Be Polite

Expert Tip: Always be very polite and use correct grammar. Avoid coming off an offensive by using simple conversation starters.

Online Dating Message Tips: Compliment Personality

Expert Tip: Try to comment on something that is on their profile. Find a common interest between you and the other person and try to open with something related to that.

Online Dating Message Tips: Be articulate. Use questions appropriately!

Expert Tip: Include questions in your message. Preferably questions that require more than a yes or no answer.

Online Dating Message Tips: KISS approach is the best!

Expert Tip: KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) is the best way to continue a conversation. Don’t fire them with a long list of questions that they end up not responding at all. Wait for the other person to respond.

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