Anmol Rodriguez, 25, is the happiest woman on earth. She has survived an acid attack but don’t pity her – because she does not want you to. Shunned by her employers for having a burnt face, she chose to turn her life around and be a face of positivity and hope for her 100k Instagram followers and countless others.

Anmol’s only memories of her childhood are that of the hospital or orphanage she was brought up in. Anmol recalls nothing of her parents but was told by the doctors that her father threw acid on her mother after a fight, which left a permanent scar on her life as a few drops fell on her while she was in her mother’s lap. Anmol stayed in the hospital till she turned 5, waiting for someone to come and take her home, post which she was sent to an orphanage.

When Anmol started going to school, where she proved her mettle being the brightest student of the class, always securing good grades. However, her face was still a problem for many around her. She faced discrimination at age when she did not even know what it meant. For her, things started to take a toll as she stepped into the outside world and joined college. She recalls, “Nobody wanted to be friends with me because of my face. Because of this, I even got depressed and started to neglect my studies.”

Anmol again faced discrimination at the workplace by her colleagues and her employer, who asked her to resign. “They told me that my co-workers had a problem with my face and they didn’t come to work to see a burnt face”, said Anmol.

However, Anmol did not let lose her heart and decided to win this battle with her optimism and conviction. She decided to put herself out there and started to post pictures of herself on Instagram, which soon struck cords with people who started following and admiring her for her positive attitude. She soon became an Instagram star and also started to feature in ads with celebrities. She also runs Saahas Foundation, an NGO for acid-attack survivors.

Anmol is an exemplar for not just acid attack survivors, but for all of us to stay content and battle it out with inner strength and conviction against anything that deprives us of happiness in life. Finding love and choosing your own life partner is one such joy that everyone should be free to pursue. Inclov, she feels is one such inclusive platform that allows people, without any discrimination to find their love and bring one of the greatest joys in their life.

With open arms, Inclov welcomes Anmol and many other brave acid attack survivors to become a part of our inclusive community through Inclov mobile app, web platform as well as our offline meetups; Social Spaces.

We believe that true love should heal, not scar.

Special thanks to Anmol Rogriguez for participating with Inclov in this initiative. Auntyji, staring Anmol is now on Youtube for those who want to watch more of her work.

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