The hunt for our perfect life partner is real and we as Indians are very invested in making sure everyone gets their better half as soon as possible. But what if we told you that you don’t have to pay exorbitant marriage bureau fees that run in 50-60K [Indian Rupees] and what if we told you that buying hefty matrimonial packages for getting phone number database with no response from the other side should also go away?

Is there a simpler way to find your life partner? Can it be how other industries function? Can we re-image and disrupt the old-school matchmaking models that exist?

To give you some context; don’t you pay for your cab only when Ola arrives at your doorstep or pay for your favorite book only once Flipkart delivers it to your office? Then, why do we pay these hefty fees in thousands of rupees to matrimonial platforms or pandits without a guarantee for value?   

Usually in India when people decide to marry, these are the next best steps:

  1. Love marriage – My Personal Favorite!
  2. Arranged marriage through Family Connections
  3. Sign up on matrimonial portals/apps to scout for suitable profiles. More the profiles, better the chances right?! Scout through million + profiles. Here are the phone numbers. Call them now!

While #1 love marriage is as full proof as it gets, not everyone is lucky to find their beloved in college or a common friend’s party.

On the other hand, arranged marriage as a concept is having its fair share of challenges in the modern society as preferences of the generation Y change and they look beyond caste and family background to find a like-minded life partner. Some of the matrimonial ads sending a discriminatory message on skin color, casteism and sexism have been getting negative backlash as societal preference shift. 

So in July 2014, we tried to challenge one taboo at a time and started Inclov; an inclusive matchmaking platform that includes and focuses on people with disabilities or those with health disorder to make friends and find love to solve the problem of social rejection and humiliation that followed in the methods mentioned above.

We were sure that the app would be free of charge until we figured a way to charge only for the value we provide to our community members.  

After running Inclov mobile app free of cost for 2.5 years, we have finally found a way to disrupt the existing way of hefty matrimonial packages and commission fees – one small step at a time.

Introducing Inclov Beats:

Inclov’s new in-app virtual credits to make your matchmaking more exciting! Now use 20 Inclov Beats [1 Beat = 1 Rupee] from your wallet to send a connection request to a profile you are interested in. But don’t worry, if they do not accept your request within 7 days, we will return you 10 Inclov Beats back into your wallet. Talk about MONEY FOR VALUE!

We are building a platform which provides you suitable and genuine profiles at 1/10th of the cost of any matrimonial platforms/marriage bureaus or matrimonial events that cost a family anywhere between 5,000 – 30,000 INR every three months.

200 free monthly beats:

We know that many members may still be hesitant to use the new version of our app. We also understand that a part of changing mindsets is based on the foundation of trust. That the new model/idea will not let them down and that it will improve their lives and solve the existing challenges they are dealing with [and not make it worst]. Hence, we will make sure you can avail 200 free Inclov Beats every month with just a click of a button on the app. No payment / no debit card required. Use these free Beats to use Inclov app, search for curated profiles and connect to people of your choice or preferences.

Earn beats while you help us grow the community:

The community grows with the support of its people. To help us grow, you can contribute to Inclov community by inviting more members [Know more about our community growth program here] or by paying a nominal fee for the profiles of your choice. For every person you refer to the app, we add Inclov Beats to your wallet. Upon their profile getting approved, you and the new joinee gets up to 20 Beats [5 beats for every male and 20 beats for every female joining Inclov app]

100% Match: The Golden Card

We know you are picky when it comes to finding your life partner and we now give you a choice to increase your preference options – choose from State, City, Disability Category and more! This will help you find a partner closest to your choice!

So add your preferences and if we find someone who suits your exact preference/requirements, you will see a card that says 100% match! Remember to be open-minded and flexible to get the most of this golden card. Go on, connect and fall in love.

Manage your personalized Inclov wallet on the go!

Enjoy maintaining your wallet with a neat ledger of debited/credited beats, payment history and more. The more Beats you have, the more profiles you can connect to. You can add Beats here by using payment options of Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and other wallets. (₹1 = 1 Inclov Beat)

Below is a simple video on how to recharge your Inclov wallet in few simple steps:

7 Days To Match:

You will now have 7 days to respond to any connection request. If the request is unresponded to, you will lose the chance to connect with them. Get off the fence and give every profile a chance, you never know who may steal your heart!

We are very excited about this next phase of Inclov.

So, allow us a chance to impress you with our smooth user interface, multiple platform availability – Android, iOS and Web App, great quality and 100% verified profiles. With this, we invite you to try the NEW INCLOV APP!

We want to grow an improve further. This is a step forward to ensure we can serve our community better. We hope you will all support us in this endeavor to make Inclov a truly remarkable change in the society.

For feedback, please reach out on

Try our mobile application here: Android | iOS | Web


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