A new relationship, again!!! Phew…. Falling in love and getting into a relationship is inevitable. I am someone who has had her fair share of relationships for a lifetime. Every relationship has been a learning curve and I have realised it is a challenge trying to find someone special but not being prepared for a relationship. How does one even know that they’re prepared to let somebody into their lives and share their deepest, darkest thoughts? Oh! I wish at times that my friends  would just share their dating tips with me and I would somehow manage to make my relationships work. Often, I tend to rush into relationships and makes the same mistakes that leads to break-ups. Is only, there was some dating tips for women guideline that I could follow and make my love life better!

It’s crucial that one prepares themselves before getting into a relationship through the onerous journey of self-discovery and actualization. From personal experiences and conversations with others, I have created a list of dating tips for women so that they can ready themselves  before bringing someone new in their life. Trust me, these dating tips helped me realize a new side to myself and connect with the other person much more than I had ever before.

Dating Tips For Women: The Do’s and Don’ts in a relationship

  1. Be open to new things: Like everyone else, I have a mental list of traits and qualities I want in my other half. First, you should delete that list and never, ever think of it again. Be open to new things and look beyond the physical traits. Be willing to take new risks and give others a chance. Everyone has a different personality, be open to understand and accept them!
  2. Understand your feelings first: Do you want your partner to be caring? Funny? Compassionate? These  feelings, their personality types are something that you shouldn’t ignore. You should know their qualities exactly, before committing to the relationship fully. You would not want to be with a lazy hat, if you are a go-getter by nature! I want somebody who is compassionate, can make me laugh and is understanding enough to be patient enough when it’s needed. Its important for you to decide on how you would want to feel in a relationship first before getting into one.
  3. The most important person in a relationship is…….. You! Get to know yourself; what it is that you like – emotionally, sexually and otherwise. Pamper yourself and make yourself happy. Take yourself out for a nice lunch, get a new dress or shirt, maybe even go scuba diving or hit the gym? When you’re happy and content, you’ll find the right person.
  4. Be realistic and give the other person a fair chance: What wouldn’t I give to date the Tom Cruises, Salman Khans and Hrithik Roshans of this world. My advice… be realistic and give a chance to the person before judging them for not being your dream partner! You are what you are and your life is yours. The sooner you realize that, the better. You have different desires and qualities and its time you realise that. The same holds true for your love, right?
  5. Get over your past ASAP: Still in touch with your ex? Get rid of them, if you haven’t already. There’s a reason why they are your “past” and not your “present”.
  6. Fix your worries before getting into a new relationship: Under a financial crisis? Fix that. Before letting someone else be a part of your life, clean up your mess. Simplify yourself, remove the clutter from your life. Stop waiting for a knight in the shining armor to come save you; instead be your own knight and save yourself! Tie up any lose ends that might create a diversion or are toxic for you.
  7. Life is not only doom and gloom: Start looking up to yourself and be positive. Instead of feeling like a victim, make yourself the hero of your life. Change the story you tell yourself about past experiences that went wrong, For example, instead of making yourself the victim of a long distance which resulted in the other half falling out of love, one of the most important dating tips for women is to make themselves the amazing person the other half lost their chance with.
  8. Gut feelings are mostly true: Your intuitions will generally not be wrong. Always listen to your gut feelings and what it’s trying to say. Your body has many ways of telling you when you’re making a bad or good decision. Tune into those feelings and listen to them before you act. You’ll know for sure when you meet the right person for you!
  9. People will judge… let them do so: Scared of dating someone because what the old uncle of yours will say? Your friends or colleague will judge you if you get into a new relationship? What will your ex feel? If any of these thoughts keep propping up in your mind, then, first, get a good sleep and banish these thoughts forever! Seriously, people will say what they have to, let them do so. It’s your life, not theirs! Be your own master and start living it without any fear.
  10. Date well before you settle: In a hurry to find your life partner? It takes time to find the right one, always remember that! They are called a life partner for a reason! So, go on dates and meet new people before you settle down with one. Stop being fearful of the fact that you will be hurt, or will never find the ‘One’ … Everyone does, even I did. Every relationship is different, as is every person. These dating tips for women mayn’t work for all in the entirety, but these tips will certainly make you ready before you plunge into a new relationship.
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