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Finding love or a life partner on online dating sites and mobile applications is a tricky proposition for anyone. In the recent years though, online dating has taken off in a big way in India with several matrimonial websites and apps flooding the market and proclaiming themselves as the ideal place to find the partner of your choice or even your life partner. But, dating apps for disabled people remain a rarity and finding a unique disability dating app is a concern. People with disabilities have a hard time registering on popular dating apps or websites because they are inaccessible for anyone with disability. Things have started to change for the disabled community with the launch of the Inclov mobile application. Read More...

First disability dating app in India

Inclov is a popular dating app for disabled people in India. Inclov is the world’s first inclusive matchmaking app designed to help people with disabilities find love and the life partner of their choice. It is also a fully accessible disability dating app where people with any kind of disability can register, provide their partner preferences and start matching in just a few easy steps. Inclov, a popular matchmaking app for disabled people, stands for inclusive love and does not exclude anyone. It is an equal access platform for anyone looking for a life partner. It is an inclusive app and hence, people without disability are also quite active on the app. For people with visual impairment, Inclov matchmaking app for disabled people has accessible features like screen reader and talkback. People with low vision can choose font size & color themes (for people with retina disorder or color blindness/contrast) to navigate through the dating app easily. Read More...

Any person with or without disability looking for a disabled dating service easily can sign up for free on the Inclov app. Inclov app is available on both the android and iOS platforms and intends to reach out to more than 100 million people with disabilities across.

New dating apps for disabled people

Inclov, dating app for disabled people, is easy to use and is accessible for all. With over 25,000 diverse profiles, the chances of a person with disability finding their life partner/date/friend/love has become easier now. Inclov stands apart from other dating apps for disabled as they match people beyond the prime criteria to of physical looks only. People with disabilities are matched on Inclov dating app for disabled based on comparability, interests, level of independence, lifestyle choices, cure availability and medical conditions. This helps in making the results more apt and suitable.

Inclov mobile matchmaking app is available on both the android and iOS platforms and will soon have a web version, thus ensuring that handicapped people looking for love, dating, life partner can easily find their partners. Inclov has a stringent security feature which does not allow screenshots to be taken and you cannot exchange images on the app also. This has been done to ensure that cyber-crime and bullying is avoided and the privacy of all the app users are kept intact. Read More...

Users Reviews

Inclov is the first app for people with disabilities

I love Inclov app! It has good accessible features and even though I have low vision, I can easily check profiles. I have made several new friends here and it makes me very happy! Thank you Inclov.

Neha Sarin, Gwalior

A good app for meeting other people with disability

I have used other matrimonial and dating apps but I did not find any other person with disability there. Inclov is a very good app for people with disability as I saw many profiles with disability information. This dating app helps in finding friends of your type.

Ramesh Sharma, Nagpur

Inclov app is easy to use for differently-abled people

I like Inclov app because it is very easy to use. I have muscular dystrophy and I have found so many similar people like me. This makes me very happy and I can connect and relate with them easily. I am so thankful to Inclov team for making app for people with disability.

Priyanka Sharma, New Delhi

Differently-abled community needs an app like Inclov!

I have met so many new people who can understand me on Inclov app. This makes me really happy. Inclov is not just a matchmaking app for disabled people, but is also a good place to meet others from this community. This is a much-needed app for differently-abled people in India.

Arsiya Naaz, Lucknow

Friends, dating, life partner! Everything is possible on Inclov!

I have used Inclov app honestly a couple of times and I am surprised to see that people with disability can be easily found here. Initially, I thought Inclov was also like other apps which claim to be disabled-friendly, but this app is actually very accessible and helpful. Good job Inclov app!

Bosco Pereira, Goa

Matching with others has become super easy with Inclov app!

Inclov is a simplest dating app for people with any kind of disability. Good thing is they take all medical information. I have never seen that on any other app and this makes it different from the other matrimonial websites and apps.

Bodhisattya Chatterjee, Durgapur

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