Online dating apps for disabled people

Finding a life partner online in India is fraught with several misconceptions and prejudiced perceptions prevalent in the Indian society. Online dating in India is still in a nascent stage and yet, the market is being flooded with the launch of new dating sites and websites every day. People with disability are at a disadvantage even here as very few online dating sites cater to them. Dating for disabled people in India has always been a taboo topic while online dating sites for disabled is a rarity as very few website or dating app is inclined towards catering to this community. Read More...

New disabled dating app in India

Handicapped dating sites are not the norm in the Indian society. Online dating opportunities for handicapped people in India is different from the other typical dating sites. Online dating sites likes Inclov, world’s first matchmaking app focusing on people with disabilities and health disorders, is helping break that notion and is working towards platform an online dating platform for the disabled community. This dating site caters especially to all people with disabilities including physically handicapped people, people with mental and learning disabilities among others. A person with cerebral palsy or someone with spinal muscular dystrophy or even visual impairment has the opportunity of finding a life partner of disabled dating sites like Inclov. Read More...

Inclusive dating sites are helping disabled people find love in India

Inclusion for people with disabilities remains a cause of concern in the Indian society. From lack of accessible venues offline to inclusive online dating sites, differently-abled people find it hard to live their lives normally like the others do. In an era where inclusion and accessibility has become a trending topic, dating sites like Inclov are providing a unique platform for handicapped and disabled people to find love and a life partner.friendly at all. Read More...

Dating sites for disabled and handicapped people in India

Disabled dating and marriage for handicapped people in India is an unheard of topic just like handicapped dating sites. Online disabled dating sites do not include any disability related filter in their onboarding process and hence, handicapped people are not able to create profiles on such platforms. Handicap people tend to stay away from the regular run-of-the mill dating sites as these sites are not disabled friendly at all. Read More...

Disabled dating sites in India

Very few disabled dating sites are active in India. Most of the online dating sites do not register people with disability or they do not pay special focus on helping them find love, make friends, or find their life partner. For disabled people in India, dating is a taboo topic and they are not able to rely on any website or app for helping them find a life partner. Popular online dating websites and apps are quite rigid when it comes to registering people with disabilities on their platforms. The Indian society has not been very receptive of promoting disabled dating opportunities in the country. Read More...

Users Reviews

Inclov dating app provides good experience

Diabled dating sites are not there at all! It is difficult for person with disability to get partner from these popular websites and apps. I was looking for a life partner but for more years, but didn’t find any help from dating websites. Inclov app is a great initiative to help out people with disabilities.

Ankit Malhotra, New Delhi

Good app for disabled people

I have physical disability so I can’t move around much and meet new people. I wanted to make friends like others and after some time found Inclov matchmaking app. It’s a good app for handicapped people. I have made many friends and even found love on the Inclov dating app.

Deepika Sharma, Sonipat

Disabled dating is available on only this app

Tired many dating sites and apps before but nowhere found goo matches for me. No one wanted to chat with disabled person or match with them. Then, I know of Inclov and made my profile. Now I have matched with so many people on this disabled dating site and I am happy that I will find a life partner.

Gaurav Sharma, Pune

Inclov is a good handicap dating site

Handicap dating sites are not there. For handicap person, Inclov is very good app. I matched with people based on my disability and have many good friends to chat now. Inclov has helped me a lot and is a good handicap matchmaking site.

Neha Choudhary, Surat

Dating app for everyone!

I like Inclov matchmaking app because it has everyone of it. I find many disabled people and other normal people here. Plus, good accessible features make it perfect disabled dating app. Thank you Inclov and keep doing this for people with disability.

Yasmin Raza, Lucknow

Disabled app is a must for people with disability!

It is difficult to find apps for disabled people in India. I have been trying for a long time and only recently I came to know about the app Inclov. i have tried it 1-2 times, and it looks like a good app for disabled people. I hope to find a good partner for me now on this app.

Anshika Jain, Pune

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Inclov is world’s first matchmaking app focusing on people with disability and health disorders to find a life partner. Inclov’s online app is complemented with an offline platform, Social Spaces. Our Social Spaces meet ups bring people with or without disability together to meet in person at fully accessible venues across India.

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